Cobra Bubbles was a long time standing character featured through various Roleplays at The Ultimate Whovian Roleplay.

Cobra Bubbles has been one of the longest standing characters featured throughout The Ultimate Whovian Roleplay universe. He comes from the planet Celestia, and has a son called Isaac. When he was reborn to Earth, he also became a Wizard, learning and teaching at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

He was also the leader of The Super Nova (from 2.0 to the future versions)


Cobra is a determined and lethal fighter, as well as an Expert Marksman, Expert Combatanat and Marksman. He always looks for a positive side and doesn't relate much to the others, although he get's along with them and calls them friends as they do too. He is a respected and sometimes feared leader and one who doesn't give up too easily while also being very heroic from time to time.


Homing from the ancient civilization of the Celestial-Beings , Cobra was born to the King & Queen of Celestia. Over the years, Cobra had learned how to master there power, learn there history and even graduate his School. On his 15th birthday, his mother and father gave a ship to Cobra called The ZeeMachine , a strange ship handcrafted by the gods of Celestia.

At the age of 16, Cobra had a decision to be reborn on the Planet Earth, a system that has been around since the dawn of Celestia, although 95% deny the offer. Cobra said yes to the offer, and was re-born as a Human Being, although having Celestial Blood and powers.

Cobra grew up on Earth, as any normal human being, until meeting the man named Wanderer, who showed him the wonders of the Universe, and finding his true birth-right on Celestia... The ZeeMachine Crashed down to Earth for him on a random day, in which it identified Cobra as it's owner.

Cobra later became a Time Agent, but soon retired after issues with the Galactic Federation.

The Center (plot)

Finding out about Nebru's Triangle, Cobra set off on a task to stop his evil self (Cobra 2) from using Nebru's Triangle to reach the center of everything and abuse it's power. Finally reaching up to Cobra 2, he momentarily stopped him in his tracks to destroy everything at the price of his life... little did they know, was that Cobra survived the frail and Cobra 2 was never to be seen again...

The 'X' Incident (plot)

Returning to Earth, Cobra decided to set up a company dedicated to helping out all around Space & Time. However, what he didn't expect was for his former Time Agent friends (now corrupt) is on a hunt for Cobra, led by Agent X who he thought dead after a failed mission and that the Time Agents have infilitrated the company. Fearing for his life, Cobra set off back to Space, only to discover Earth completely locked out. Agent X asked for Cobra's life in return for Earth's freedom, arriving at the desert planet Desertia to be tortured by X, but seeing the Earth being freed from the Time Agents grip. After he is shot, X and the Time Agents it seems are gone.

Some time later, though, Wanderer , Person & The Explorer go to Hogwarts to find Cobra's son, Isaac to be alive and well, although with no Celestial Blood. Travelling to Desertia, Isaac and the others find Cobra's body, and lays him to rest.

Since the 'X' incident, Isaac Bubbles travelled around with the lot until Cobra's old ZeeMachine found Isaac and announced Isaac as it's new master.

R.R.F (Rebirth - Rise - Fall)


It's the beginning of a new year.Agent X and his employer (unknown yet) make the decision to kill the final living Bubble in existence. A group of Agents are sent to his location and bomb the area. After Isaac deal with them and leave the area, he meets up with a scientist called Roger and he shows him his Time-Travelling device. After showing Isaac how it works, Agent's lead by Agent X come down into the labs and start attacking. Isaac, armed with what he needs, gives the date and location and leaves off in the machine, just as he watch's Roger dieing and the machine being destroyed, giving the impression that in the explosion, Isaac died in the machine. Agent X tells him employer Isaac is dead, little knowing that Isaac made it just at the last second...

Isaac arrives in Desertia, infront of his Father who is kneeling down, about to be shot. Isaac gets headshot by the people who were going to kill Cobra, and then Cobra is also shot.

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