Desniawososil "Des" Solasio (born 3102) is one of the primary characters of SFRP. He is a Tritanzanian who learned of Earth's origins and was fascinated by them. During a period in his early life, he was the vigilante known as The Dark.


Early Life

Des was born and grew up in a poor family in Oxglen, he lived happily until he was about 16 years old, but at that point life changed. He lost his younger brother in a freak fire and was caught up with the wrong people. Without any help he had to survive in a mad world. But with interference from an unknown faction of Tritanzan, he managed to reach full potential of his abilities. Due to his (to an average Tritanzanian) limitless power, he was given a Type 50 MTASC and was told to leave Tritanzan. He traveled for around 20 years, before finding his way to Riverwood and learning about Earth culture. Since Earth had such a long history, Des was fascinated with it and decided to study their culture.

Meeting Adie & Dave

When wandering around Riverwood, Des caught the attention of a young medical student by the name of 'Adie Jenkins'. She deduced that he was not of Earth-origin due to his lack of knowledge on Humanity and Earth's cultures. The first thing Des would notice is the high amount of crime within Riverwood, and would research methods of preventing crime. During his research, he would come across comics of a vigilante known as 'Batman'. It would inspire him to take preventing crime into his own hands and becoming the vigilante known as 'The Dark'. His suit was heavily inspired by the Batsuits used by Batman albeit without any bat features. Adie would introduce Des to her colleague Dave, who would instantly grow a disliking towards Des. This was due to the fact Dave harboured romantic feelings towards Adie and saw Des as a threat towards that. Des would figure this out, and decide to relocate to Sunset Valley to begin his war on crime. He'd purchase a mansion on a hill in the outskirts of Sunset Valley and Des made one of the rooms in his MTASC into a base of operations for his mission.

Sunset Valley Nuke

Eventually, Des would've gathered a lot of information on Earth culture. He'd also figured that an alien species was making the ultimate vigilante robot, known as a 'Globot'. It would be linked to all of Earth's local crime databases and kill any lawbreakers that it would find. This included Vigilantism. Des would make a team of young heroes who operated in Sunset Valley to combat this threat. Firstly, he found the young vigilante known as Sting, who had been combating crime in Sunset Valley for a couple of months. He also found Quake, a metahuman who was connected to the Multiverse. The trio would fight against the Globot to the best of their ability, and would come out victorious by destroying it with the help of an unknown person. However, the Globot had a failsafe to nuke a 3 mile radius by self destructing. Quake managed to breach all of Sunset Valley's inhabitants to Riverwood, and Des managed to help his allies into the MTASC and the explosion threw the timeship to Riverwood 2017. After this, Des decided not to continue vigilantism as he now considered it a waste of time to put on a 'silly costume' to fight evil. He also found out about a chain of serial-murders committed by a green blur, that would leave the word 'Velocity' on a nearby wall as a calling card.



  • Adie - Des met Adie during his first landing on Earth, she was a young medical student who was researching a cure for the 'CLASSIFIED Virus' that had appeared during the late 2000's. She had instantly figured out that he was not of Earth, and had made it her mission to teach him about Earth and it's culture. They fell out of contact when Des had learned of a series of murders related to a man named 'Velocity'.


  • Younger Brother - Deceased
  • Mother - Unknown
  • Father - Unknown
  • Gingie - Gingie and Des were twins who were separated at birth, they came to know eachother by both finding an interest of the planet Earth and its native species; Humankind. At first, they considered eachother rivals and tried to prove themselves better than the other. However, they grew to a mutual respect and will work together as allies if required.


  • Dave - Des was introduced to Dave by Adie when Des landed on Earth, he was a colleague of Adie's who had grown romantic feelings towards her. He considered Des to be a threat and when he found out that Des was an alien he tried to forbid Des from speaking to Adie.


  • Des has been rebooted a total of 8 times.
  • Des is inspired by many characters, those being your mum.
  • Unlike other Des', this Des has never come into contact with any of the Bubbles family.
  • A lot of Des' past is left to interpretation, due to there being a lack of information on it.