Desniawososil "Des" Solasio is one of the primary characters of Time Inc. He is a Tritanzanian who came into existence from the Mirazan Dimension.


Des I

Des was born and grew up in a poor family in Oxglen, he lived happily until he was about 16 years old, but at that point life changed. He lost his brother in a freak fire and was caught up with the wrong people. Without any help he had to survive in a mad world. But with interference from an unknown faction of Tritanzan, he managed to reach full potential of his abilities. Due to his (to an average Tritanzanian) limitless power, he was given a Type 50 MTASC and was told to leave Tritanzan. He traveled for around 20 years, and ended up getting in a fight with a Vuhem. The Vuhem easily won, as Des was inexperienced and didn't take the fight seriously. Des managed to get to his MTASC, and renew.

Des II

All that is known about this incarnation is that this Des had an appearance similar to "3rd Des" from Earth X. It is also known that before his renewal, he won a Galaxy-wide war against the Demonics alongside the now deceased Person, who was killed by the Demonic Overlord.


Des III was born at the climax of the Tritanzanian War, after Des II sacrificed himself to wipe out the Demonics. He ended up travelling to Riverwood and preventing an Auton invasion along with The Navigator, Zero and Grayn.

He'd then be summoned back to Tritanzan to be told that the Demonic Overlord survived the final days of the war. This lead him to find Navigator and Loranos to assist him in destroying the Demonic Overlord once and for all.


  • Des has been rebooted a total of 8 times.
  • Des is inspired by many characters, those being The Doctor, Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and a few others.
  • Unlike other Des', this Des has never come into contact with any of the Bubbles family.
  • A lot of Des' past is left to interpretation, due to there being a lack of information on it.

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