Desmond "Des" Valez (born January 1992) is a Human from Earth, he is the vigilante known as The Stig.


Early Life

Des was born and grew up in a rich family in Los Angeles, he lived happily until he was about 16 years old, but at that point life changed. He lost his younger brother in a freak fire and was caught up with the wrong people. He travelled for around 5 years, learning from various Martial Artists and trying to learn how to become something else.

Beginnings/First Night

Using his parents' fortune, he manages to buy a 20 car garage in the Valez Inc main offices. He filled it with tons of random car designs, however bought 3 military grade vehicles. He bought the other cars to make nobody question his purchases and possibly figure out what is crusade is.

First Night

Des' first suit.

Originally, the suit he designed was a simple black t-shirt with black jeans, blue trainers, black gloves and a mask. He also used a military grade motorcycle with a rocket booster attached to the back of it. His first target was a man named Jack Brent, a billionaire who had gained his fortune from a facility of children creating clothing. Des had disabled the power grid of Brent Global Incorporated and had gained access to the main office, where Brent was. Des yelled that Brent had built his entire fortune on the suffering of children, and aimed a handgun at his head. After demanding that Brent returns the money he had gained to the families of these children, the main head of security John 'The Hammer' Petal came in and shot at him. Des managed to get away from most of the shots, apart from one that grazed his left arm. Des managed to shoot the gun out of Petal's hand, and then jump over the desk and snap Petal's neck. Using this as a distraction, Brent had fled from the scene. Des dived out of the window and parachuted onto his motorcycle, chasing after Brent. Unfortunately, Brent had managed to shoot at the shoddy attached rocket onto the back of Des' motorcycle, and it shot Des towards a concrete wall. Des managed to dive off the bike, but it exploded very closely to him. This knocked him unconscious. Fortunately, a new intern at Valez Inc, named Adie Jackson found his body. Due to clearly being an active vigilante, she took him into the Valez Inc, offices instead of taking him to a hospital. She managed to patch up the grazes and cuts that he had from the explosion, before he woke. Des originally would have wanted to die before having his identity compromised, but after realising the danger he was in he was glad that she intervened. She then suggested that Des works on making several improvements to his suit, to which he agrees.

Mollie Saunders


Des' suit design

After learning he was back, Mollie Saunders, his girlfriend from before he went to go train and learn how to be a vigilante came to the offices to visit. She had learnt that he was back home. As a welcome home gift, she bought him a black t-shirt with a cat on it. After this, Des told her that being around him would get her hurt and asked her to stay away from him. She sadly agrees, and leaves the building.

Later in the night, Des goes to visit her to apologise for his actions. To his surprise, he finds Brent at her home, with her body laying in front of him. He mentions that Des did not disguise his voice, and that he'd obviously know the voice to his best friends' son. In anger, Des dives at Brent and beats him with a fire poker until he dies.

When returning to the garage, Des and Adie go over several designs for the suit. They eventually come to agreeing on upgrading the current one. The upgrades that they make are a bulletproof motorcycle helmet with a reflective visor covering his mask, a kevlar-leather weaved coat with fur lapels, and the cat t-shirt that Mollie had bought for Des.

Sunset Valley Nuke


Trump's reaction to Des' vigilantism.

Eventually, Des would've gained some experience in fighting as a vigilante. He'd also learned of an alien species was making the ultimate vigilante robot, known as a 'Globot'. It would be linked to all of Earth's local crime databases and kill any lawbreakers that it would find. This included Vigilantism. Des would make a team of young heroes who operated in Sunset Valley to combat this threat. Firstly, he found the young vigilante known as Sting, who had been combating crime in Sunset Valley for a couple of months. He also found Quake, a metahuman who was connected to the Multiverse. The trio would fight against the Globot to the best of their ability, and would come out victorious by destroying it with the help of an unknown person. However, the Globot had a failsafe to nuke a 3 mile radius by self destructing. Quake managed to breach all of Sunset Valley's inhabitants to LA, along with the vigilantes working to prevent this. After this, Des had found out about a chain of serial-murders committed by a green blur, that would leave the word 'Velocity' on a nearby wall as a calling card.



  • Adie - Des met Adie during his return to LA, she was a young intern at Valez Inc who was researching a cure for the 'CLASSIFIED Virus' that had appeared during the late 2000's. She had instantly figured out that he was The Stig, and had made it her mission to help him with the technological aspect of his crusade. They fell out of contact when Des had learned of a series of murders related to a man named 'Velocity'.


  • Younger Brother - Deceased
  • Georgia Michaels-Valez (Mother) - Alive
  • Larry Valez (Father) - Unknown


  • Dave - Des was introduced to Dave by Adie when Des returned to LA, he was a close friend of Adie's who had grown romantic feelings towards her. He considered Des to be a threat and when he found out that Des was rich, he tried to forbid Des from speaking to Adie.


  • Des has been rebooted a total of 9 times.
  • Des is inspired by many characters, those being your mum.
  • Unlike other Des', this Des has never come into contact with any of the Bubbles family.
  • Also unlike other iterations of Des, this Des is a human who was born on Earth. This is due to his creators detachment from 'Doctor Who' and wanting to create a more original storyline for him.