This is the Des that was known to have had many powersets, he has been a speedster, and more notably he has been the Vigilante of Briar.


Early Life


The Vigilante

This Des lived happily in Briar, with Ashes. This turned out to be an unsuccessful move as she was kidnapped by a rogue speedster by the name of Velocity. He made Des give up his speed for Ashes' life, but then after Des gave his speed he decided to murder Ashes in front of him, causing him extreme grief. Due to this, he went recluse for two years in his home on Briar, but realised how crime ridden Briar had got. Therefore, he decided to become the archer known as 'The Vigilante'. To write his predecessors wrongs and bring hope back to Briar. This would cause him to face.. the Crimson King.

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