The Fracturlians are an ancient race whom dwell all over the universe, but they originated on Krillix in the Gragmaran System. They have existed for 500 Billion Years.


Fracturlians evolved from wolf-like creatures. Large beasts covered in hair with snarling fangs. Retaining this structure in their evolved form, they have primal instinct which is when they give into their primal urges and go rabid. They also only have one heart on the right side of their chest, most species unable to accomplish feats similar to them without a more complex vascular system. Their bone structure is very complex, with layers of protective bones to protect their vital ones. They also have 3 stomachs, one farther up their chest, one around their belly region, and one closer to their pelvis.

The Government, which is a religious, parliamentary, monarchy, can gain special abilities from their technological advances. Known as the Crusaders of Fate, they have developed a ritual that can "access the ring of immortality". This ritual enhances their Primal Instinct, that when enraged and filled with adrenaline they are given something similar to super strength. They also can Restore themselves. The process of Restoration is one used when near death or extremely injured. There are three major steps

  • Realization of Injuries - When the body is aware of the injuries and prepares for the next 3 steps
  • Defense of Body - When the body secretes an energy to protect the cells that are repairing themselves
  • Change of State - When the cells go into repair flux, and they change form. As to take stress off of creating a duplicate to the original face, they create a new one.

This process can only be repeated 10 times, as to avoid large population growth. Along with these the Crusaders gain strong psychic abilities and the ability to Fade. Fading is when after permanent death, the consciousness of the deceased roams for 100 years, getting a better opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones and see what goes on after their death. During this period they begin to slowly go mad and lose their memory. After the 100 years they completely fade and become Hollows, the definition of Ghosts.



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