Grafalt Galaxy from 1000 LY away

The Grafalt Galaxy is a lenticular galaxy located in the Haarfl Dimension. It was the 97th Galaxy to be created after "Event One."



Jallafax-Gamma is the main and most important planet in this galaxy. Located in the Delta Quadrant of the Grafalt, in the Jalla system, Jallafax-Gamma is lucky to have the rare occurance of a temporal rift running through the planet. Because of this rift, they have unlimited power and god-like abilities, which makes the Jallafaxians the most important species in the whole galaxy, as befriending them can grant you many, many advantages.


Eluryh is home to the deadly and soul-eating Drahoni. As such, the surface is barren, black and devoid of life. The planet was evacuated years ago after large deposits of methane under the surface erupted and turned the atmosphere toxic. Now the Drahoni roam the universe killing off planets at a time, revenge for what was done to theirs.

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