Harrison Jackson is the central protagonist of the After The Flash branch of Time Inc. He is a former Time Lord who once went by the name 'The Doctor', but retired and settled down in a post apocalyptic future of Earth.


The Doctor


Harrison Jackson

After Person and Explorer escaped the post-apocalyptic future, the Doctor made a clone to leave with them, as he did not want to continue his old life. He then decided to take up the name Harrison Jackson, and make up the story of being an ex-mercenary who now just wanders around the wastelands and helps those in need.


Completely different to ‘The Doctor’ that he once was. Now a stern, cold and serious man, he suffers from severe PTSD from the horrors of this wasteland, and what his once beloved human race had turned themselves into due to this war. He mainly now sits in the bar and enjoys the music, and drinks his sorrows away. He constantly dreams of his old life, and considers it to be the worst nightmare there can be.

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