Isaac Bubbles

Isaac Bubbles was a character introduced in Ultimate Whovian Roleplay who's father was Cobra Bubbles. He, also like his father is a Wizard, although he has no Celestial Blood in him oddly enough.

Isaac Bubbles from a very young age had been around in the Universe for some time travelling with Cobra's old friends. He has a wide range of knowledge and the quest for good is what keeps him going, as well as his friends and family.


He has changed quite alot from his first appearance, and seems more silent and deadly more than loud and caring, as well as become an Expert Combatant, Expert Marksman and having Peak Human Condition.

The 'X' Incident (ending)

Leaving the doors to the grounds at Hogwarts, he met with Wanderer, Person & Explorer. After finding out who his father was, Wanderer, Person & Explorer offered to bring Isaac to try and save him, but was too late.

Since that day, Isaac had stuck around with them for some time and eventually gained leadership of his father's old ship, The ZeeMachine. 

R.R.F (Rebirth - Rise - Fall) 


It's the beginning of a new year... Agent X and his employer (unknown yet) make the decision to kill the last one left in the Bubbles family; Isaac Bubbles. A group of Agents are sent to his location and bomb the area. After Isaac deal with them and leave the area, he meets up with a scientist called Roger and he shows him his Time-Travelling device. After showing Isaac how it works, Agent's lead by Agent X come down into the labs and start attacking. Isaac, armed with what he needs, gives the date and location and leaves off in the machine, just as he watch's Roger dieing and the machine being destroyed, giving the impression that in the explosion, Isaac died in the machine. Agent X tells his employer Isaac is dead, little knowing that Isaac made it just at the last second...

Isaac arrives in Desertia, infront of his Father who is kneeling down, about to be shot. Isaac gets headshot by the people who were going to kill Cobra, and then Cobra is also shot.

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