Jallafax Data

Jallafax is a planet in the Jal system, in the Delta Quadrant of the Grafalt Galaxy, which is located in the Haarfl Dimension. The planet is orbited by four natural satellites, although there used to be five. It has immense technological development and is responsible for erecting the Eternal High Light.



The Jallafaxian species evolved from primates very different to those of humans. They evolved from six-legged exo-skeletal creatures to humanoid flesh creatures within 100 million years, adopting and rejecting certain evolutionary features. By the time the "Stone Age" as it would be called on Earth came about, the Jallafaxian species were much like humans in their appearance and body chemistry. The Jallafaxians developed similarly to humans until just before 1800BC by humans years, as religion was never invented by the Jallafaxians and thus they developed a lot further than humans.


By 1540BC in humans years, the Jallafaxians had developed a system of territory, settlements and war. As would be expected, wars were fought over land and food until treaties and contracts were announced, keeping the planet at peace for at least a temporary amount of time. The Jallafaxians mined metals, invented stronger tools, better weapons, ships, better buildings, steam power, the equivalent of the microchip, fossil fuels, space rockets, and by the year 1069 the first warp ship was invented. This was the first step into interplanetary relations and allowed for much better technological advancements

2000 onward


By the year 1000 laser weapons, advanced warp ships, subatomic fabricators, holographic projection and other technologies were well-known and used actively by the Jallafaxians. In 1033, a rip in the fabric of space/time was found outside the Capital Metropolis of Jallafax, and the rift was encased in Jallafaxian metal Gh7 which contained the temporal energy but allowed for it to be harnessed. With this power, the Jallafaxians developed "Space Time Capsules" and forged abilities like Rejuvenation and Jallafaxian Gekido.

Eternal High Light


The eternal high light was a rift running through Jallafax that is encased in the metal Gh7 . The rift provided temporal and electrical energy which allowed for space/time capsules, rejuvenation, and an unlimited power supply for the planet to be created. The job of Lord Keeper of the Eternal High Light was created so that the rift could be controlled and manipulated as to not rip a hole through the planet, but to be able to keep providing power. Reliance on fossil fuels and solar energy was non-existent once the energy from the rift could be extracted, as so much energy was created, it could power the entire galaxy for millions of years. The current abilities and products that have been made possible by the High Light include but are not limited to;

  • Rejuvenation
  • Jallafaxian Gekido
  • Space Time Capsules
  • Extra-dimensional travel
  • Unlimited power supply
  • Looming rather than natural birth

Because of the Eternal High Light, Jallafax is one of, if not the greatest power in the dimension of Haarfl.


Jallafax is about 21.2 times bigger than Earth and its gravity is about 12.05 times that of Earth.

A single day lasts 18.22 hours and a year lasts 434 days. The planet is made up of 11 continents, which make up 46% of the planet's landmass. 4 moon(s) orbit the planet and Jallafax itself orbits a red sun in a slightly elliptic orbit.

The plant-like organisms on this planet are almost all huge, towering trees, high above a layer of various shrubs, grasses and flowers. The trees do not often block out light though, meaning there's a fruitful layer of grass and flowers on the ground.

Just like the surface, the underwater world doesn't have much more to offer than basic plants. While they do play an important role in many of the planet's eco-systems, they're not that spectacular to look at.

An old planet such as this is of course expected to be home to many animals, as well as microorganisms, which there are plenty of in this world. Millions of bacteria and other microbes have found their home, many of which have evolved to specialize in specific tasks. These specialized creatures will hopefully one day evolve into higher species, but it will take time. The dominant species on the planet currently has been evolving for 2 billion years and will most likely not die out for double that time.


Jallafax has, in its Utopian state, merged into one country called Teles.

The country of Teles. Built upon the war, distrust and industrial advancements of its past, this country is now among the most successful countries in its corner of the galaxy.

Their fuel efficiency, income and public health are among its current greatest strengths. Unfortunately they lack a little in elementary education and creativity.

Teles is a confederate country. There are no real opposing groups against the current leadership, but this hasn't always been the case.
However, the current greatest threat to the nation is a group of bandits, but the current leadership is supported by the people to solve this issue. 

The people of Teles are content. They live decent lives and while education might be lacking, their fuel efficiency, due to the high light, helps relief most of their issues.

Religion holds no importance in their lives and, if anything, this has made them more intrepid. The people of Teles are quite scientific as well and they have many special award ceremonies for consistent and outbreaking talent.

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