Justificar(originally known as The Medic) is a Kratian soldier who crashed on Earth. After his ITD was destroyed he then made a new life for himself as a Catholic Priest. He wandered the wasteland, hoping to find some spark of hope from all the death, but was left with no answer.

His Life before The Crash

He doesn't speak much of who he used to be, only that he was close friends with The Navigator and The Blacksmith. He was a Medic/Soldier during the 7th Great War between Kratia and The Duel-Kin(a race that is two different species mixed together, in this case Kratian and Tritanzanian).

The Crash

While flying with the blacksmith to Alpha Quadrant IV the ITD experienced an engine malfunction. Justificar then quickly directed The ITD towards Earth, the nearest planet. They crashed, killing the Blacksmith and the Medic had to restore himself. They had crashed in a church, and with his ITD dead, Justificar then created a new identity from the remains of the Church. He took priest garments and a bible and became Father Frank Curran.


This incarnation is old and tired, he is trying to refind the meaning in life where he is stuck in a wasteland. He also has become a bit of an alcoholic, using its effects to blur out the horrors of the time he was now stuck in. Even though he was in such a violent area, he didn't use guns and didn't resort to violence in most cases. He was probably the closest thing to a pacifist in that region.

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