Planet of Origin


The Planet of origin for Kratians is Kratia. This planet is 2 times the size of Sol 3. Its gravity is .76% higher than Earth as well. The atmosphere is what gives the planet the purple color. On the surface it is all snow. There are 11 Continents on Kratia, taking up 80% of the surface. The Seas are frozen and 8 out of the 11 continents are covered in snow. The other continents are covered in sand in the center and are a mix of sand and snow towards the out edges. The planet is very cold and has little plants due to the distance from their green sun. In its system, it is the 4th planet away from the sun, but it is very far. This planet has been around for at least 500 Billion Years.


Kratians only have one heart, unlike other races who can't compensate such powerful feats without a more complicated vascular system. This single heart is on the right side of the chest. As the species evolved from the primitive wolf-like creatures they were in the beginning. Their bone structure became significantly more complex. Each part of their body is layered in multiple protective bones to help keep the ones needed for more functionality purposes. This species has two stomachs, one farther up the chest, and one closer to the pelvis region. This allows for this species to devour things without chewing, with two stomachs they digest it very quickly. Their blood is similar to that of humans except it has a very special quality. While still vulnerable to Kratian diseases such as, black jaw(Where the muscle and tissue around the jaw begins to swell and turn black.), Jahoov's(same symptoms as the flu), and Shrinking Stomach disorder(self-explanatory), their blood can heal wounds of others species and possibly revive beings that were long dead. Along with an extraordinary body structure, Enlightened Knights have special powers and abilities from a special ceremony done and with centuries of training. These abilities include increased strength when a rush of adrenaline is pumped through the blood stream. A strong, covert psychic link with nearby minds, and Restoration. Restoration is like Time Lord regeneration. Except, it has 3 stages.

Realization of injuries- When the Kration realizes they are injured, for example a plasma blast, or being stabbed with a spear.

Energy Expulsion- The body emits a multi-colored glow, to protect the body as the cells are being restored. This energy goes berserk to protect the body during the main healing process as to make sure the body can fully restore itself.

The true Restoration process- while surrounded in energy, The Body's cells are repairing themselves. This process completely changes the features of the person, as to not strain the cells to try and try to remember exactly what it is the body originally looked like.

This process is limited to 6 times as to not have increased population of enlightened knights as time goes on.

When a Knight dies, their soul enters a limbo state. So they are essentially ghosts and can remember their entire life and every person they have touched. This only happens for 100 years after their death, then they are pulled back into the Temporal Zone and forced into an ethereal state for eternity. This state of limbo and transition can drive one mad and can prove memory loss without going through extra training before death