The LASM was a device created by The Wizard when he was around 860 years old. The word "LASM" is an acronym for "Light Amplification and Sonic Manipulation" device.


The LASM itself is used by pressing the button on the side, which allows the device to simultaneously emit microlasers and sonic waves, thereby able to manipulate matter down to a molecular level. The LASM in its first casing had buttons and sliders to change the modes, while the second casing used a psychic interface, which communicated with the users thoughts on what function to perform. The available functions of the LASM include but are not limited to:

  • Stunning
  • Minor injuries
  • Hacking electronic devices
  • Opening all types of doors (except triple deadlocks, time locks, quantum locks, and the like, so none of that "no wood" crap)
  • Scanning the surroundings
  • Scanning people
  • Changing matter
  • Texting Thinker


First Casing


The first LASM

The first casing of the LASM was made to fit the theme of the Wizard's STC at the time. As such, it had a Steampunk-type look. The front had buttons, sliders and a screen to manipulate the functions of the device. The emitter contained a red light and was flanked by two antennae that rose from the sides of the device. The Wizard kept this design until near the end of his third life.

Second Casing


The second LASM

The second casing of the LASM was made to fit the theme of the 3rd Wizard's "Future" STC desktop. It was, this time, long and cylindrical, with once again a red emitter and transparent sections segmenting the device. It was in blue and black colours, and without any buttons or sliders apart from the activation button on the side. This is because this version of the LASM changed mode via telepathy, interfacing with the user's thoughts.

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