Redacted, see Loranos (2017) for updated information.

Loranos is a Jallafaxian from the planet Jallafax-Gamma, which is in the Haarfl Dimension. He used to go about the alias 'The Wizard,' but since his 4th rejuvenation he uses his real name. He is currently between 900 and 1000 years old and is in his 5th life. He travels around the regular universe in the STC occasionally accompanied by his childhood friend The Chrome.

3/4th Wizard


Loranos was born into the Faction of Gartrax. From 5 years old he knew and was friends with The Chrome, AKA Dylorjastakinokolotral. Loranos was brought up with "right wing beliefs" as they'd be known on Earth, and luckily for him, the next Lord Chancellor shared these beliefs. By 120 years old, after moving through the political world, becoming the Lord of the Eternal High Light. After 700 years of performing this duty perfectly, he was discharged and allowed to travel around as he pleased.


First Incarnation

Loranos almost immediately ended his first live after leaving Jallafax-Gamma, falling into lava and melting his body and prized hat as the Chrome watched. The 1st Loranos was an outgoing man, who was trustworthy and pretty friendly. This was to change as he rejuvenated into his 2nd body.

Second Incarnation

Loranos 2 was arrogant, annoying, trustless and didn't care about others, often referring to people as 'idiotic' or 'primitive.' This lost him a great deal of friends. During this life, he changed his STC's desktop from Steampunk to Laboratory, but didn't set the configuration properly. After only months in his new control room, the roof collapsed and killed him, causing the 3rd Loranos to emerge.

Third Incarnation

This life was a lot friendlier and activer, almost to the point of annoyance. The 2nd Loranos died when he crashed to Countryside, and a great deal of debris from his STC crushed him. Loranos 3 was a little friendlier, but still kept some of 2's irritable traits. During this life, Loranos changed his desktop yet again, to a darker and more futuristic version of the Steampunk desktop.

Fourth Incarnation

The 3rd incarnation of Loranos was ended when he was shot in the head by Des, vengeance for killing him earlier. However, Loranos managed to keep his appearance via a bio-matching receptacle metacrsis rejuvenation. This Loranos was technically, the 4th.

Fifth Incarnation

Due to amnesia, Loranos doesn't actually know how he got his fifth body. This Loranos was judgemental and abrasive, but had a nice side if he decided to befriend somebody. In this body, Loranos changed his desktop theme yet again to 'Wooden,' changing his LASM's casing again too. This Loranos got hit by a bus and died.



Loranos' STC is a type 89 Jallafaxian Space/Time Capsule. It is equipped with basic function like extra-dimensional travel, spatial travel, DNA recognition, isomorphic controls, warning system and heat/cold protection. It can also remotely travel to people, preset destinations or to the Loranos' current destination. It was given to him by the Jallafaxian Lord Chancellor after he was discharged from being the Lord of the Eternal High Light. The interior can change its look to suit his personality or needs, and extra rooms and facilities are added by Loranos when he needs them. The desktop themes used so far have been "Steampunk," "Laboratory," "Futuristic Steampunk," and "Wooden." Each one was applied to suit Loranos' personality after rejuvenation. In 2567, the STC was reduced to a tiny size when the dimensional stabiliser exploded. It took several years to restore the dimensions of the capsule, and for that time Loranos stored the tiny STC in his transcendental storage cube.

U.S.S Torabāsu

After the STC was reduced, Loranos, stuck in the 26th Century stole a temporal starship called the U.S.S. Torabāsu. This ship was a science vessel created by Starfleet, which he acquired by editing their records and putting himself on the Captaincy lists. This ship was capable of both lateral and longitudinal journeys through time and space, an effective way of saying "it can travel through space/time." For a short while, Loranos had an annoying First Officer called Commander Kimberly Reagan, who requested a transfer after he stunned her and screamed in her face. After this, he kicked all the crew off the ship and went "rogue."


When he was 860 years old, Loranos created a device in his laboratory that could emit microlasers and sonic waves simultaneously, so that it could open doors, hack computers, burn through materials, and even maim people. He called it a Light Amplification and Sonic Modulation device, or a LASM. This device remained in the same casing for hundreds of years, though Loranos changed it during his 4th life to be less bulky and more attractive. The casing was made wooden during his 5th life to suit his console room.

Transcendental storage cube

One of the early technological advancements of Jallafax-Gamma, transcendental storage cubes had a massive, possibly infinite space folded inside a small cube. This cube could be opened and items in it could be retrieved by a psychic interface, connecting to the user's brain and sending the wanted object toward the cube's opening via gravity platform. Loranos had one of these and used it to store items on multiple occasions.




The 2nd Wizard's rejuvenation

Since the Eternal High Light was erected, the Jallafaxians salvaged the temporal energy and engineered it so that any new Jallafaxians to be loomed in the future were to have the ability of Rejuvenation, a process where, when a Jallafaxian's life is threatened or extinguished, the body can undergo a total cellular reconstruction, changing appearance, personality, and everything about the person apart from their memories. This process had a massive energy discharge that could possibly vapourise anybody close enough to the person, or harm someone a little further away. The process Rejuvenation causes a strong magenta light to form around the person, a product of the temporal energy. This process can be undergone twenty times, a limit established by the Original High Emperor as to not overpopulate the Universe with immortal Jallafaxians.

Jallafaxian Gekido

Another ability granted by the Eternal High Light, Jallafaxian Gekido ("rage" in Japanese) is a massive energy discharge that is produced from a Jallafaxian individual when they are tremendously angry. The discharge is capable of rendering anybody within 100 metres of the person unconscious or at the least dizzy. The energy released also has a magenta colour. However, due to the fact that it can only be performed during intense anger, the ability is rarely seen by anybody.


  • Loranos once slaughtered an entire planet's population in return for singeing a tiny thread of his hat with a phaser beam
  • His prized hat was actually destroyed when Loranos' first incarnation died in molten lava.
  • Loranos had a twin brother, who was mutilated then burned alive by the Lord Chancellor after he committed treason by trying to rip open the Eternal High Light further.
  • Loranos has a remnant foot of his brother, which was used during his third regeneration to keep his current form by flooding the energy into the foot after he had been healed.
  • Halfway through his third life, he decided to live on Earth and study their culture until he had enough understanding of their species that he could effectively disguise himself among them. He has successfully been passed off as a human on many occasions, but called a weirdo on others.
  • Loranos is a master of the Three Inch Punch.

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