Loranosquithchegwarpdrafonar (Loranos for short) is a male rogue Jallafaxian who defected from his people after the Jallafaxian Civil War. Originally from the Haarfl Dimension, he and his STC was pulled through a dimension tear into our current dimension. He is currently in his second incarnation and is around 150 years old. He helps out Des and the other aliens on Earth.



Loranos was born on Jallafax into the faction of Gartrax. He was inducted into the Temporal Agency Academy at 10 years old, and was taught a wide curriculum of skills and knowledge like the piloting of various time capsules and the operation of various technologies. When Loranos was around 90 years old, the Jallafaxian Civil War broke out and lasted for eight years. After Loranos saw the savagery and manipulation his people had caused, he left in a Mark II Space Time Capsule. On his way to another planet, he was drawn into the gravitational field of a black hole and was flung into our dimension through a dimensional tear.


After entering this dimension, Loranos' STC crashed in a field on Earth. Over several years, he made friends with several other alien time travellers, such as Des, Wanderer, Explorer, Person and Guardian. It was upon his time on Earth that he constructed his Sonic lance from left over Jallafaxian technology.



Loranos' Space Time Capsule is capable of movement through both the third and fourth dimensions, and also has several useful abilities that have proven invaluable to him over the years. It has several rooms and functions that aid him and help him feel more at home.

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Sonic Lance

Like the STC, Loranos' sonic lance is an invaluable tool that has many functions. Its primary function is environmental scanning, but it can also unlock things, and other deus ex machina crap.

Staser and TCE

These weapons of Gallifreyan origin are primarily for quick dispatch of victims. The Staser will stun or kill an opponent instantly, whilst the TCE is more partial to disintegration of miniaturisation. They are Loranos' 2nd most useful weapons.


Loranos' Lightsaber, procured from Miracla, is an energy blade powered by kyber that will cut through most things as though they were paper. It also helps him to hone his telekenetic, electrokenetic and telepathic powers, that are usually very mild to Jallafaxians. This is Loranos' most useful weapon, effectively diffusing situations and, if necessary, killing or disabling many opponents at once.

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