General Background


Des' MTASC in the Temporal Vortex

The MTASC is a Miraclanian Time Capsule engineered within the ice quadrant of the Mirazan Dimension. MTASC stands for Multiversal Time and Space Capsule.

The MTASC first originated in the Ice

quadrant of the Mirazan Dimension, it was engineered by the ice lords, a majority of high power Miraclanians own an MTASC and a lot of other Mirazan species also own one. MTASC's come in many different shapes and sizes. The most infamous one being near-identical to a Gallifreyan TTC (TARDIS).



Des III in his MTASC.

The MTASC is a vast place, it contains many rooms, many of which are unseen. known rooms are as follows.

Control Room

The primary console room of a MTASC can be configured to the users desire, they can choose from a range of different designs, it depends on the pilots taste in console rooms.


The Library is a common room in most MTASC, like most library's it contains books.


Most MTASC's contain a pool.

Core/Switch Room

MTASC's have primary reconfiguration systems, this is where the user selects there control room choice, and makes any repairs to their ship, if it is damaged.

Other rooms

other rooms include :

- Tennis Courts



-Secondary control rooms

-Several walkways.

-Sandwich Room


-Science Labs

-Anti-Blue Fire Suit Storage

-Food Replicator room which is capable of making any food from the user's memory