Pilot is the first RP in Time Inc, introducing Des III, Grayn, The Navigator and more. In this Pilot RP, shortly after Des' renewal, he lands on Earth, and characters unite as the Autons are ready to destroy all of Riverwood.


A man drives a galactic car through a breach, and gets out. He seals the breach in a hurry. While the man, Grayn Vanesso, wanders about the Countryside, Des Solasio renews in the MTASC. He lands in the countryside, dazed. Grayn is confused by this, and his box. Des attempts to land in Sunset Valley, but instead in Riverwood, where Grayn also ends up in.

Zero is simply walking by when plastic mannequins start to come to life. The plastic robots march out of the clothes store and gun down Clive (GLOCKS OUT FOR CLIVE) Grayn detects a plastic essence on his radar, and Des realizes the Autons are invading.

The three characters devise a plan to find the transmitter that controls all Autons, which is revealed to be the church bell. Zero is kidnapped by an Auton, and Des and Grayn go to the top of the tower, while Navigator crash-lands in Riverwood. Des and Grayn get Zero, and blow up the top of the Church. The MTASC finishes rebuilding. Grayn goes back to his house, his first day on Earth leaving him spent, shaken, but also invigorated. Then Person renewed with Skye in the CEOSAT and stopped the Demonics.

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