Rivaka is the homeworld of the Istarians in the Kolhav galaxy of the Faaltir realm and the former home of The Thinker.It was well known throughout the Faaltir realm as the most tranquil yet technologically advanced planet ever recorded.



In it's early days Rivaka was home to species which,while still telepathically based,were nothing more than savage creatures whilst the planet itself was unstable,ranging from sudden blizzards to unbearable heat. Though this was due to it still being within the first stages of planetary formation.

After many millions of years later Rivaka eventually became more tranquil,and like it's planet;so to did the species,which eventually developed into a range of species from square shapes to no limbs. Eventually the species with the most humanoid look became the only dominant civilisation,which would become the Istarians known today.


After calming down and becoming tranquil,various plants began to grow on Rivaka. These included things such as early forms of cherry blossoms and willow trees(which the Istarians would later introduce to the Japanese of Earth). Aswell as this the culture on Rivaka became something of an amalgam of Steampunk and Japanese culture,which surpassed any civilisation in the realm,since they were mostly agricultural species or medieval.

Fall of civilisation

Around an unspecified time a species known as the Imwedix,from the forgotten section of Faaltir, began a racial cleansing of all the species they deemed weak,this included the Istarians-who despite their powerful minds were infact physically weaker than other species and thus headed for Rivaka. During this attack Rivaka was ransacked,its resources drained and its buildings damaged,whereas the Istarians dissappeared,save for 5,and were believed dead and Rivaka left in ruins.


  • Rivaka backwards spells Akavir,a mysterious continent mentioned in the Elder Scrolls series said to be next to Tamriel,where all of the Elder Scrolls games take place.
  • Rivaka's culture is based on old Japan e.g. Pagodas,japanese gardens etc. But the steampunk part was included as a way to further show the intellect of the Istari
  • Rivaka has 5 moons,Feta,Dearm,Dathe,Drisee and Esum. The one frequently used by The Thinker is Feta,which has orange skys and a small rocky landscape.

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