Riverwood is a fictional location in the Sci Fi Roleplay. It's located somewhere in the countryside outside of London, in a place oddly surrounded by hills with a perfect dip in the middle so people could live there. Strange.


Riverwood was built by some blokes who probably wanted shelter from the rain in 1789 and hasn't really evolved since then. Sure, there is a hip-modern Le Indian there now but aside from that its a fairly primitive looking village inhabited by mostly old men/women with the odd rich middle aged bloke who just hates loud music & the youth. As a result of this, the people in it are quite close and have a strong community.

The villages key landmark is it's large church, which is the only building which has been left unaltered since its construction in the late 1700's.

Appearance in SFRP

After Sunset Valley was nuked, vigilantes randomly moved across (don't as me why) and since then the place has been inhabited by them. They're proper heroes in a place full of the elderly: saving cats from trees, helping old women cross the road; you know - the usual stuff. Tbf this section will probably change once the place has been properly established & the group is in use but until then, you can enjoy the thought of your favorite heroes saving cats out of trees.