1st Incarnation

Early Life

Not much was known about the Gamer's past except that when he was little he encountered a figure called the Admiral. He was working on a device when the Gamer bumped into him on his home planet of Gallifrey. The Admiral taught him how to fly a Time Travel Capsule which inspired him to pass in the Arcalian Academy with a high enough score that he would get a "TARDIS License" with his own TTC.

The Greatest Time War


The Gamer, like most Time Lords, fought in the Time War. He originally refused to, but he did not have his own TTC yet so he was forced to Mt. Perdition for training. After years of training, he broke into the TTC Storage and 'stole' his father's old TTC, leaving Gallifrey to escape to a random planet. Naturally, the random planet was Earth. He was sent back to Gallifrey due to a Time Lord recall device. Back on Gallifrey, he wasn't very high ranked in the military. He was easily manipulated by Davros when he gave his 'the high council sent the Doctor to destroy us' speech and fought on the Daleks' side for the rest of the war. He was sent to exterminate the new Time Lord 'supersoliders' which included the Admiral. He refused to exterminate the Admiral when he noticed his face so instead they went back to the Dalek starship Davros was in. He betrayed Davros which resulted in him getting that choked to death cliche. The Admiral managed to scare Davros into hiding then got the Gamer to his TTC. He regenerated, but kept the same face due to the jacket he was wearing. The Dalekanium bumps stored the regeneration energy in there, turning the red and yelllow jacket pure green.

2nd Incarnation


The 2nd Gamer had the same personality the 1st Gamer did, so not much needs to be added here. He spent most of his time going on crazy adventures on Earth and he reunited with the Admiral who showed him the new planet of Kyrim that he discovered. Later in his life he was being stalked by a Digimon nerd who released the Digimon out into the world. The Gamer was attacked by one, leaving him close to death. He was planning to keep the same face still but his jacket did not work this time.

3rd Incarnation


His regeneration flames shot up so high due to the jacket also releasing the energy that it completely blew up his TTC which became the sun of a nice little solar system nearby. The Gamer luckily was able to escape the TTC before it actually exploded. He realized that he was old and for almost his whole life he was just complaining about his new body.

Innovation Inc.

The Gamer decided he needed to do something in his life so he applied for the security division at Innovation Inc. on Earth. He had a three-year training then he started patrolling the main labs. After a few months, he encountered with a lab experiment gone wrong called "CT-2001." It took control over the whole lab, creating a meltdown and caving the labs in. He conducted an evacuation and he almost got blown up before another security officer pushed him out of the way, killing both of them.

4th Incarnation

The 4th Gamer was always in Innovation Inc. and he occasionally went on trips around the universe once he made a new TTC. He originally had shaggy ginger hair but cut it early on. On one of his trips, he met a hybrid of the Daleks and Cybermen called the Cyberleks. They were Daleks inside a Dalekanium variant of the Cybermen armor. He had to destroy them all but there were too many. He had to regenerate since he was surrounded and couldn't get into his TTC. He regenerated, killing them all and then simply walked back into the TTC.

5th Incarnation

The Search For The Admiral

The Gamer spent almost all of his 5th life searching for the Admiral. Unfortunately all he could find was the Admiral's grave. He spent a thousand years searching until eventually he found him.

Meeting Jackson

The Gamer was visiting an island called Dryland in 1750 Earth where he met a 'nature mage' named Jackson. They took refuge in the TTC during a small war between Dryland and Scotland. Jackson seemed to tag along and learned more about technology.


The Gamer found that the Admiral was the new leader of the Cyberleks who partially absorbed the regeneration energy out of the Gamer during his last regeneration. The Admiral had turned into regeneration energy so the Gamer could once again regenerate. Later on, he met all of his past selves and his old enemy from the academy; The Antagonist. The Antagonist was a very cliche name but it fit for a cliche Time Lord. He fought the Gamer with cliche plots and then launched his TTC in the vortex while he was walking into it. He clung onto the machine, which physically and mentally changed the Gamer.


6th Incarnation

Main Life


The Gamer's TTC has been damaged so much that he required a new ship. He gave his TTC to a creative lad named Jones who fixed it up and time travelled with it, with the Gamer not knowing. The Gamer was put on trial in Kyrim for 'killing' their high president, the Admiral. He and a Kyrim Lord escaped the prison they were in and the Gamer went to get his new ship, the TTVM. He met Des, the Person, The Explorer, Cobra Bubbles, the Thinker, Isaac and a few more people in Sunset Valley. The Gamer moved into Sunset Valley and went on several adventures while away from there. He found out his partner Jackson was really a Draxenith called Tazoo, visited his old home, and more. Eventually, Tazoo was lost during a space expedition and the Gamer rarely travelled away from Sunset Valley up to the present.

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