The Guardian
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Status Alive
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The Guardian is a member in SFRP. The Guardian is a genius, but heartless scientist who is on his first incarnation. He creates scientific inventions that are often used as defense when he is in trouble.


Becoming Himself

Before he became himself, Guardian was just 64 years old (8 in Earth Years), living on a haven. One day, a group of terrible people began entering his territory. His family had no choice but to let their land be destroyed. That day, Guardian lost his father. After fleeing to another village far away from Guardian's original home, his family decided to start over. However, the day after his father died, Guardian declared himself a scientist. When he was about 12 (in Earth Years) he was studying wildlife, climate, geology, etc. At a certain point in time, a man became Lord President of Deltia. Guardian's family was considered criminals. To protect her son, Guardian's mother gave him his father's Time Gun to find a safer world. Tearfully, he agreed. After many years searching for a new world, Guardian learned of a planet called Earth. He decided to go there, only to find himself drowning. He was saved by a man named Observer.

Going to U2

Soon, Guardian started believing in the Multiverse theory. To prove it, he started working on a gateway to another universe. When it was completed, he asked Rogue and someone named "Doge" to come with him. They agreed. After packing his things, they left U3 Empire Bay.

Des V Heir

When Guardian made a universal gateway, he had landed in U2 where he had landed in a town called Empire Bay. The Guardian simply went back to his lab (only to find it didn't exist, so he started unpacking.) However, before entering he met Des when he ran into him as Batman. With a battle of Des and Heir coming, Guardian decided to help. On a great height on the bridge, he met a monk, The Explorer, The Heir, Loranos and more. The Guardian witnessed the fight, and found out the true identity of Batman. Guardian went to Loranos' lair and takes refuge there.. until Des took him back to Empire Bay, which was being bombed by Demonics. Guardian was able to hide in his Base, where he suited up in power armor to help Superman stop someone called The Overlord. Escaping by CEOSAT, Guardian witnessed the near death of the Explorer, and watched Father Time save his life. Guardian just simply went back to his Base.

Finding Florenza

With Empire Bay under construction after the Demonics, The Guardian used his Time Gun and found himself in a place known as Florenza. He began to set up a new lab there, in case his lab in Empire Bay was ever destroyed.

Losing the Lab

When an experiment goes wrong, The Guardian's lab burned down. The Guardian was able to crawl out before he could burn to death. Currently, he has no lab anymore and lives in his house, which is across from Des's.

Celebrating Christmas

In the "Twelve Days of RPmas" Christmas Event, Guardian tries to figure out what Christmas is actually ABOUT. But he also helps with other things.

The Des Battle

With Des U2 in RAGE after the death of Naomi, The Guardian received his broadcast on Miracla, and immediately went over after seeing Des kill the president. While searching for Des, he, Thinker and Cobra Bubbles watched the fight between Wanderer and Des, before Wanderer told them to leave. They then went back to Earth and waited for U1 to return.

Teaming up with Gamer (Universe 2).

After meeting the Gamer, Guardian decided to explore around for a bit. He reencountered Gamer on Raxava Delta, where a mind virus called The Malware took control of their bodies. They will able to regain control of their bodies again. The Gamer's Oculus took all the acid on the planet and absorbed it into itself.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 8.13.03 PM

The Birth of Jeltris VII.

However, this discharged it, and thus the acid got inside Gamer's body.. this caused a new one to form in front of the TTVM, while Gamer 6 died. The new Jeltris decided to call himself "Jeltris" again, because he found out Gamer (U1), was still alive somehow.. They then left and went back to Florenza.

The Globetrotter Fight

At a point in time, Guardian met a young girl named Libby. She was his "friend", until she betrayed him as she was working for Globetrotter (who had been resurrected and was also the creator's previous RP character.) for this betrayal, Guardian abandoned Libby on the planet of Davage, with food and water supply. Libby turned Davage into a military base. After that, Guardian decided not to trust any human he meets for a while (Which wasn't a big deal, since everyone he knows is an alien.) Then, "Guardian" started killing Deltians. The Deltians came to Florenza, believing he actually did. To prove he was innocent, he worked with Des to find the real culprit. After tracing the fake Guardian to Razain Beta, they began to fight. After Des took him down, the fake Guardian committed suicide by stabbing his neck. But instead of blood, there were electrical sparks. The fake Guardian turned out to be a remote controlled robot copy of Guardian-- Controlled by Globetrotter. FINALLY, The Globetrotter found Guardian. The Explorer got Guardian and Des in the EAOSAT and took them to The Countryside, where they planned to trap Globetrotter in a force field. Soon, the troops arrived before they could set up the force field. After Des took down the troops, Globetrotter himself finally arrived. After poisoning Des with a gunshot that disables his speed and poisons Tritanzanians. Fortunately, Guardian was able to defeat Globetrotter and even smashing a rock on his neck (which was his weak point.) However, the gunshot from Globetrotter-- caused Des to renew.

Mentior's Team

At some point in time, Guardian got away from everyone. He continued being a scientist, but one day he received a mysterious message from Edward Mentior that said "Assemble the Team." Coordinates to U1 Empire Bay were also in the message. Guardian travelled to Empire Bay and met Dr. Mentior. Mentior explained that there are people in the bay that had been affected by dark matter, giving them extraordinary powers. Guardian agreed to help, and he now works with Mentior, The Guy, Red Hood, and Smaros.


First Incarnation

The First Guardian is the current Guardian in SFRP. He is unapologetic, rude to some people, and shows no concern sometimes. When he is severely angered, he could go extremely brutal.


Pretty much all of Guardian's equipment are science inventions he developed. He used to have a Time Gun, but after Loranos' death, Guardian was given his STC by Explorer and Heir. He also found Loranos' LASM.


• Guardian is NOT from U2, he is in fact from a third universe (U3) where the events of Time Voyage take place. However, he is now trapped in U2 with an unlikely chance of returning to U3.

• Guardian is Athiest.

• I don't need to change this guy's name

Guardian was constantly beat up by Explorer for no reason, (which made his creator deeply dislike him), every single day. Finally, he got the chance to push him into a street and let him get run over by a truck. Then, Guardian simply walked away, leaving Explorer to die.

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