The Last is the second plot that took place in Time Inc. It followed Des, Loranos and The Navigator joining forces to take down the demonic overlord, who had survived the Tritanzan War.

The Story

The story began with Des' MTASC being pulled back to Tritanzan, by the Fire Lords. The royal guards informed him of the survival of the Demonic Overlord, and that he would require a team to defeat it once and for all. Due to this Des ventured back to Earth to find the people he worked with to stop the Auton invasion. He only finds the Navigator and then reunites with Loranos at roughly the same time. They then track down the Demonic Overlord at Karfel, who promises the Person who died was a clone and that the real Person was inside the Timelash. This soon proved to be false as the Overlord grew impatient and decided to kill Des and his associates. He filled the room with gas to choke them out, which proved to be a bad move as they all were able to stop breathing and it would be the Overlord being damaged, not the heroes. After this, they realise he was lying about Person and in anger they decide to kill him. Loranos then teleports to his STC, and Des leaves Karfel to return to his normal life.

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