Editing Rules

1.    No ‘Spam pages’, they’re just pointless & make the place untidy.

2.    No editing other people’s pages without permission, even if it’s just correcting a simple grammar mistake. Always ask beforehand.

3.    Don’t create a page that contains a single line or sentence. If you’re creating a page it should be a page, not just a line.

4.    If you’re deleting a redirected page, fix the links please.


•    Can I create a page?

o    Yes, so long as it doesn’t violate the rules stated above.

•    Is there a limit to how many pages I can create?

o    No, go nuts. You’re not limited in expressing yourself when it comes to your content, although; see rule 3 when it comes to the creation of certain pages.

•    Do I have to be 100% serious while writing my pages?

o    No. You can write however you see fit. Fill it with edgy memes if you want, your pages are your own. However, take note of Rule 1 when writing your pages.

•    Can I upload my own images?

o    Yes.

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