The Streak(Bryson Anderson) is a minor character in SFRP. He is on a mission to protect Riverwood from crime and attacks from higher level metahumans. He also is finding a way to gain enough speed to go back to his own time.


Bryson Anderson was born in the year 2068. He grew up in the slums of this society and wanted more out of life. So after he climbed his way out of the gutter and became a well renowned Speed Physicist, there was an accident in 2093. While testing with a concept of the Speed Force, there was an explosion and chemicals and lightning in his lab. He then gained the powers of a speedster. He used these powers to protect the people of his time as The Streak. After fighting a man called Clockwork, he was flown back in time to the year 2016. He lost his speed for a short amount of time and for the next year would work to create a new identity in this new and settle down. Eventually he learned to bring back his speed and tap into the Speed force. He took back up the mantle of The Streak and now protects Riverwood.

Confrontations with Velocity

After hearing of the many killings of civilians at the hands of a speedster, Bryson began to look more into it. He eventually met Velocity and fought with him while trying to protect nearby civilians. Velocity ultimately defeated him, cutting off one of his fingers and he ran away and fell into a dumpster. He was found by a woman and Sting.