The Wanderer is one of the protagonists of the 2016 rebooted Sci-Fi Roleplay, he is a Miraclanian who came into existence from the Mirazan Dimension. He is also the son of Des. He is observant, gloomy and impulsive. But this is all just a facade, a mechanism to deal with his dreadful past.



He was born and grew up living with his mother in Oxglen, he lived happily until he was about 9 years old, but at that point things changed. He lost his mother in an earthquake and was forsaken by all. Due to stories he had heard about his father, he managed push himself to train to perfection and face all obstacles. This has turned him into the man he is today. While still haunted by memories of the past, he eventually found his father at Sunset Valley. Due to his father being in his 3rd body, and not matching the descriptions of what his mother had told him, he didn't trust Des and went by the alias 'Gingie', only giving the information that he was Des' son.

The Sunset Valley Nuke

Gingie returned to Sunset Valley when there were reports of a Globot causing havoc. He wanted to assist Des and did so by researching into the metals used on the Globot and their weaknesses. He eventually found out that the Globot could be destroyed using a Nuclear Explosion, but would cost the valley and whoever was on it. Des made Gingie flee to the Island so he would be out of range of the blast.

The Restoration Generator

Soon after this, Gingie (now Wanderer) started putting his scientific mind to use and began to dedicate himself to creating a Restoration Generator (A device that can recreate a person from a single cell) so that he could restore Des, who is presumed dead after the nuke of Sunset Valley. He would often go to planets to gather materials and research into elixirs and potions of life. Eventually he would come across Person, who had made a similar device to restore Rad. Person gave him schematics and a can of fuel so that Gingie could complete the device at a faster rate.

The Fall

Eventually, Gingie would complete the Restoration Generator and would invite everyone (friends and aquaintances) to Miracla to witness the resurrection of Des. The machine would light up, and would begin draining power from Miracla so the machine would be able to work. Unknown to them, this unlocked the prison doors of Miracla, allowing Jasvia (who had been detained by Micek) to get loose. Due to Jasvia already knowing what Gingie's plan was, Jasvia managed to knock everyone away from the machine just as it was about to restore Des. He'd then shoot Gingie in the stomach with a stun blast so that he would not be able to prevent what Jasvia planned to do. Jasvia then planted explosives into the core of the Restoration Generator and blew it up, destroying the chance of Des' return. Due to this, Gingie pummelled Jasvia to the edge of death, but held back and knocked him out. Gingie then returned to the CEOSAT and discarded his previous outfit, preferring a new black formal pinstripe with blue reflective buttons and deep blue lining.

The Classified

Eventually, Wanderer would begin to get visions of 'soldiers with a purple question mark badge'. These visions would begin to turn into nightmares, and would make Wanderer come out of hiding to find out what they mean. A dropship would track Wanderer's CEOSAT to be located on Sol 3, where he is informing Person of these visions. The soldiers on the dropship would find a way to sedate Wanderer and imprison him on Raxava Delta, their planet used for training sessions. Loranos, Ella, Person, Guardian and Explorer would track his location to be there, and would travel there to rescue him. This led to a large conflict between the Classified and Wanderer's friends. Loranos would use his lightsaber to block Classified soldier attacks, and Ella would use Wanderer's hyper-flintlock to kill them. Person would find his way up to the cliff, trying to get to Wanderer, but the leader of the Classified known as Lord Jasvia would confront him. They'd talk, Person seemingly already knowing who he is, and then Lord Jasvia would ignite his crossguard lightsaber, and stab it through Person's chest. This would make Person plummet into the acidic rivers of Raxava Delta, severly wounding him. Person would survive this, freeing Wanderer as Lord Jasvia reveals himself as Des to the others. After being equally matched in a lightsaber duel with Loranos, he'd throw his lightsaber at the now free Wanderer, demonstrating that 'Des is dead'. Des would then teleport away, to escape Wanderer's friends. Wanderer would help Person into his CEOSAT, and would then depart in his own. Due to his injuries, Wanderer would renew into a younger, more happy incarnation.

The Second Change

It is unknown how Wanderer became his third body, but it is known that there was a war that ultimately ended with the destruction of a majority of Mirazan and opening it to any TTC.

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