Screenshot 16

The Exterior of The ZeeMachine.


The ZeeMachine is a Celestial-Being creation, created by the King & Queen of Celestia for Cobra Bubbles on his 15th birthday.

The ZeeMachine has been Cobra Bubbles main ship ever since it returned to him, and has changed quite alot from it's first appearance.

An Enigma?

The ZeeMachine is a very strange ship, as it is quite endless. There are probably a billion doors inside the ship, all dedicated to something, but it is impossible to know what they all are. If you go too far into the ZeeMachine, you will get lost. These reasons are why Cobra and Isaac have always questioned 'why?' and 'how?', but it is unlikely the truth and what all those doors really lead to will,and what they could all mean will ever be known ... it's going to remain a mystery...

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