The Time Jumper, designated TJ-2299, is a timeship used as a mobile base of operations by Des Valez.


After the Miraclanians exiled Des Valez due to his rapidly growing power, he took his timeship, travelling to the year 3605 to join the Shadow-Force, and become one of their best bounty hunters. He'd then find Gallifrey and target the Summoner. After this, he'd give up as a Bounty Hunter and would aim to bring justice to any planet in danger.


The Time Jumper is equipped with multiple amenities for the crew, including personal quarters for the primary crew, an ornate office for the Captain, a fully stocked galley, and a medical bay that can perform an astonishing variety of medical procedures which are typically administered by Gideon. The Time Jumper is also large enough to house an undisclosed but large number of people aside from its crew in the event of an emergency. A holographic instruction manual for the ship's engines and other machinery and computer operating systems can also be found aboard. It is also capable of protecting the crew from the quite frankly absurd g-forces that would otherwise wreak havoc on their bodies. Almost all systems on the ship can be accessed directly by Gideon, though there are protocols that prevent her from doing so unless directed by the Captain, and those that Des Valez expressly prohibited in order to maintain his secrets. Aside from traveling through time, the Time Jumper can travel through space, creating tractor beams that can capture and contain other ships or objects, like a Dalek ship. The Time Jumper has 36 compartments, varying in use. The ship is filled with hidden high resolution security cameras, As well, it can create holographic projections of people or things. It can communicate with other ships of similar architecture.

Known occupants


  • Des Valez (ship captain)
  • Gideon (ship's AI)

Former Crew

  • Miranda Valez (Deceased)
  • Jonas Valez (Missing)

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