Desmond "Des" Valez (created 2018) was a clone of the original Des Valez. He is a clone who had the same appearance as the original Des and his memories up until the original met Adie/Dave. Due to a malfunction in the cloning process, he became the speedster criminal known as Velocity.




The Riverwood Murders


Powers and abilities

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Des' powers come from a connection to the Speed Force, gained when a malfunction in his cloning process exposed him to various chemicals. This altered and supercharged his DNA, cells, and neurotransmitters, augmenting his physiology. With his bones, joints, and tissue all enhanced, he obtained a lean-muscular frame well-beyond peak human condition to easily handle the rigors of his powers. This includes resisting high-level friction, inertia, air pressure, reduced oxygen, vectors and kinetic impact.
    • Accelerated healing factor: Des' molecules move at accelerated rates, able to mend damage far quicker and more efficiently than normal humans. Without treatment, most damage heals in hours if not minutes with no lingering signs. Even normally permanent damage, like paraplegia, is completely repaired in days. His body can break down food more efficiently than a regular human and, as a result, expels very little waste products that he can exhale through his skin. He recovers from in seconds if not is immune to any illness or contaminant.
    • Bodily vibration/Intangibility: Des can vibrate his body for various effects. This can mask his form from being clearly perceived or distort his vocal cords to disguise his voice. His vibrations can forcibly expel any toxins in him. He can also generate enough heat to recover and stay thermally insulated from extreme cold. Offensively, he can vibrate his limbs to seamlessly grind through highly solid targets, which he can use to harm or kill a person. Also by vibrating his molecules at the frequency of air, Des can physically pass through solid matter, even highly complex matter like carbine while in a universe of a different vibrational nature.
      • Geokinesis: By vibrating at varying frequencies and with different levels of force, Des can create small tremors to induce extreme amounts of jolt on any target he touches, even disrupt the inter-molecular bonds and cause it to shatter. This can lead to many effects such as molecular combustion upon physical contact with the target.
      • Invisibility: Des can vibrate his body so fast that that he can no longer be perceived by the human eye
    • Electrokinesis: Des can produce green electricity from his body, commonly seen when running. While mostly used to boost his speed to higher levels, it can also be used in many other ways. The intensity of it can interfere with the surrounding electronics and overwhelm electric-absorption. He can focus the energy into specific body parts to produce a strong static shock on contact with the target.
    • Superhuman speed: Des can move at such vast speeds. He can run across vertical structures and ceilings, over stretching seas, effortlessly catch speeding projectiles, complete his various daily activities in seconds, and even casual walking can go unnoticed by normal people.