Winter Tiger is an astronaut in the United States Space Program. He lives in a NASA space station outside the Kuiper Belt in an unknown date in the future.

MZ spacesuit

A space suit similar to the one Winter Tiger wears.


Winter Tiger was born on Earth on an unknown date in the future. Most of his life is unknown, however at 20, he went to work for NASA and at 25 became an astronaut and became part of NASA's "Kappa" program. After this, he became part of the people which were selected to be part of the Omega-Tau (OT) Space station which was to occupy outside of the Kuiper Belt.

After this, the space station was launched, and after reaching the Kuiper Belt, lost contact with NASA Headquarters.

Since then, he has been making contact with the wider galaxy, aliens, and other humans, with his space ship, U.S.S Trail Blazer.


Tiger carries a Chrome Blaster, a laser gun, created by the U.S Government.

(The Chrome blaster is similar to the 1920s Tommy Gun, with the Chrome color all over it, and Tiger has a custom one with a white star on the side of the butt of the rifle)


  • Tiger's space ship, the U.S.S Trail Blazer, was inspired by the cabinet art of games like Asteroids.
  • Tiger is 27 years old