Wyvern is a character in Time Inc. He's a Natosian from the planet, Natos. He is a light-hearted, friendly person, who is wise, but lacks knowledge in some simple things. This wiki page will house Wyvern's History and Origins, as well as the history of the SATM and more.

History / Biography


Wyvern, previously known as Wesley, was originally a time lord in his early days. He lived his life in Arcadia, Gallifrey's second city with his biological mother and father. Until, one day, when he was four, poor Wesley got lost while playing outside in the outskirts of Gallifrey. Wesley stumbled upon a ship. He wandered in it, not knowing it was owned by a couple visiting from the planet, Natos, in the Fraxillian system, where there was lots of life. The couple looked like Wesley's parents, but they weren't. Wesley was taken back to Natos, where his biology was altered, and the couple took Wesley as their child. He attended the Gryth academy, until at age ten, a tragedy happened. Natos, was under attack by the Norxus, an advanced race of Cybermen. Wesley, and some other children, were launched in SATMs, which were time machines made by a brilliant Natosian engineer. When Wesley was launched, he crash landed on Earth, and had amnesia. He was then found and adopted by two human parents, David Pierce and Emily Pierce. Wesley then lived his whole life, graduating college. When he was twenty-four, his parents revealed a secret. They said that Wesley wasn't their child, and they found him in a pod, which was now in the attic. When Wesley went to the pod and touched it, he regained his memory. Wesley decided, he would explore his history, who he was, and if his race still lives. He would then come to meet a few people in his life, Ryois, The Trickster, The Fictionaut, The Navigator, the Collector, which is his uncle, and Mythias.


Wesley was traveling to Natos's moon, Persallia Eight. The moon had a small colony of surviving Natosians. But, when Wesley got there, all he saw were destroyed houses, and dead bodies. The Norxus raided the moon, and killed off the last of his people. This would drive Wesley so mad that he went to Natos, and created a device that put all the Norxus Cybermen into a stasis, and make the whole planet frozen. All that's left of Natos is frozen wasteland. Wesley would rethink his decision, because you never know, there could be surviving Natosians on Natos. But, doing a scan, there were no survivors. Wesley was the last of his kind.

Alternate Universes

In Wesley's desperate search to find out who he really is, he came across Fictionaut. Wesley and Fictionaut traveled to the Nexus, which showed them different universes, with different 'Wesleys'. Until, they all disappeared and Wesley and Fictionaut were knocked out. When they woke up, they were in chains, and the different versions of Wesley were chained up as well. A hooded figure walked into the room. It was some sort of evil Wesley. Not noticing that the main universe's Wesley's chains were loose, the hooded figure walked past him. Wesley escaped, took one of his universe counterpart's lightsabers, and dueled the hooded man, who got squashed by a giant robot, which was one of Wesley's counterparts. But, Wesley was so troubled when he killed the man, he disappeared from the universe for four-hundred years.

The Dalek Skirmish

Wesley was visiting the planet, Astufar, which was well known for the planet being rich with a hard material called Karith, which was used to make the SATM. While visiting the planet, Wesley noticed that most of them were dreary, and weren't lively like they are. Wesley then noticed some were in chains. He investigated, and found that Daleks were behind this. They were mining the planet, stripping it of it's precious metal. The Collector, Wesley's uncle, was investigating too, and they both met. They teamed up to stop the Daleks from destroyed the entire planet and killing off it's inhabitants. The Daleks fled, and the Astufar people were saved, and freed. Wesley and the Collector said goodbye, and left to roam the universe.


During his first 'incarnation', Wesley visited the planet, Grestus, located in the Fraxillian system. It was one of Natos's neighboring planets until Natos's destruction. While visiting, the Norxus, who were in a stasis lock, broke free and attacked Grestus. Wesley, who survived the Norxus's attack on Natos, wasn't going to let another planet fall by their hands. Wesley designed a bomb to wipe out the Norxus. Setting the bomb off, Wesley didn't have any time to get back to the SATM. He risked his own life to save the Grestians. But, Wesley survived, but his body changed in the process. This version of Wesley was always optimistic, and very nice. He sported a purple coat, black waistcoat, black dress pants, black shoes, and a black tie. He also wore a brown hat.


Wesley soon began to visit alternate universes, meeting with other versions of himself. That is, until upon meeting one version of himself, called Tyrc, was assassinated right in front of him by a Dalek. It turns out that Tyrc was the main enemy of the daleks. They refer to him as Wyvern. Wesley decided to take upon that name to honor his fallen friend. He took revenge against the Daleks by almost wiping out their species. Only one dalek survived, and it's memory was wiped. Wyvern then left, feeling he did justice for his friend. After this, a man named Zenith gave him a time machine called the CMOSTT, which Wyvern would use for the rest of his life.

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