Zero I

Zero grew up in a family in southern Gallifrey, he had a happy life until about the age of 90, he woke up one morning to there being no sign of his family; his brother, mother and father all missing. He looked everywhere and asked the locals if they had seen them all of them said no. He was gathering money for about 10 years when he finally had enough money to travel to the city of Arcadia. There he went to see the high council of Gallifrey to plead about his family going missing. They said they couldn't do anything about the matter. He lay there sobbing at 100 years old he had no idea what to do. He took a job as a TARDIS mechanic in Arcadia and it took him about 130 years to grow his own Type 40 TARDIS. As soon as he stepped inside his TARDIS he rushed to the console and set it to random Co-ordinates. He was now a renegade Time Lord since he had no plans of ever returning to Gallifrey.

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